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he Australian designed and manufactured Genius range of straight drop awnings has the characteristics required to enhance your outdoor living areas. The Genius AutoLock enables you to close off an area where channels are not appropriate. As the fabric is set deep within the side profiles, there is little to no risk of the fabric slipping out of the channels. The Autolock function is able to be locked without the pin, by use of the hook profile. The fabric maintains its tension in heavy winds, and the system is easy to use. Furthermore, it can be effortlessly integrated into other existing structures.



The GENIUS ZIP channel has the highest fabric tension and durability in the Genius series. The zippers, which are welded onto the fabric, is integrated into the side channels to ensure that the fabric does not slip out of the channel. Squaring of the GENIUS system without the use of other profiles is possible using the double side channel. All operating systems, including manual, spring or motor operation are available for the GENIUS Zip channel.

Front profile with double hollow chamber and integral rain gutter. 40 x 40 x 2 mm console tube, galvanised and powder-coated. Rust-resistant pins, Teflon-coated bearings, high-grade stainless steel screws. The protective rain cover on the TITAN FLEX Awnings protect the awning when retracted against dust, rain and other effects of the weather. The Semi Cassette Type is closed on three sides which protect the awning fabric and mechanism from dust, rain and the elements when the awning is retracted

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The distinctive features of our Famaily Kompact are its superior quality, ease of operation and high value retention. its classic design lends tranquility to the home and bestows a holiday atmosphere

The distinctive features of our FAMILY KOMPACT are its superior quality, ease of operation and high value retention. Whether in cassette or semi-cassette form, its classic design lends tranquillity to the home and bestows a holiday atmosphere.

Arm Bracket of high-strength aluminium alloy with support and high-impact screw, upper arm fork of forged aluminium. In the central hinged arm joints, a plastic sheath prevents soiling and corrosion of the double cable and extends its service life. 

The Family Kompact is a sturdy, long-lasting quality awning with:

- Front profile with double hollow chamber and integral rain gutter.

- 40 * 40 * 2mm console tube, galvanised and powder-coated.

- Rust-free pins, telflon-coated bearing, stainless steel screws.

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