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Folding Arm Awning

Energy Savings

A Retractable Awning can even help cut your air conditioning costs. Because by blocking the sun from walls and windows, your Titan and Family series helps keep the inside of your home cooler and prevents carpets and furniture from fading. Consequently, by contributing to a reduction in your energy consumption, an awning can reduce your carbon footprint immensely.Outsmart the Weather Don’t let the hot, glaring sun or light passing showers drive you from your deck or patio. With a Retractable Awning, you control the weather and can continue to enjoy the outdoors rain or shine. An Awning gives you shade and protection when you want it, but can be retracted when you want to enjoy the sun. Installing an Awning can be the smartest investment you can make!!!




TITAN Awnings with user-adjustable pitch control sets the standard for durability, function and design. It comes standard with a rain hood and fabric tray to help protect the fabric from the elements.

USER – ADJUSTABLE PITCH An additional gear mechanism enables the pitch of the awning to be adjusted smoothly with only a crank handle to adjust the Titan Flex Awnings to the position of the sun. This function allows you to adjust the pitch of the awning without the need for a ladder or special tools.


TITAN FORTE is Fixed Pitch Folding arm awnings of TITAN series. It also Available as a standard fixed pitch awning.

Front profile with double hollow chamber and integral rain gutter. 40 x 40 x 2 mm console tube, galvanised and powder-coated. Rust-resistant pins, Teflon-coated bearings, high-grade stainless steel screws. The protective rain cover on the TITAN FLEX Awnings protect the awning when retracted against dust, rain and other effects of the weather. The Semi Cassette Type is closed on three sides which protect the awning fabric and mechanism from dust, rain and the elements when the awning is retracted

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The distinctive features of our Famaily Kompact are its superior quality, ease of operation and high value retention. its classic design lends tranquility to the home and bestows a holiday atmosphere


The distinctive features of our FAMILY KOMPACT are its superior quality, ease of operation and high value retention. Whether in cassette or semi-cassette form, its classic design lends tranquillity to the home and bestows a holiday atmosphere.


Arm Bracket of high-strength aluminium alloy with support and high-impact screw, upper arm fork of forged aluminium. In the central hinged arm joints, a plastic sheath prevents soiling and corrosion of the double cable and extends its service life. 


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The Family Kompact is a sturdy, long-lasting quality awning with:

- Front profile with double hollow chamber and integral rain gutter.

- 40 * 40 * 2mm console tube, galvanised and powder-coated.

- Rust-free pins, telflon-coated bearing, stainless steel screws.




MILLENNIUM is based on a self-supporting full cassette that sits flush with the wall and extends over patio and garden by up to a generous 7 metres in width. Choose your favourite colour from a host of awning fabrics and frames!

The Millennium is a low profile full cassette awning which incorporates advanced German engineering. The fully enclosed cassette design provides optimal protection for the system while providing an aesthetic appearance to match in to the surrounds of modern architecture. The low profile of this awning makes it stand out from other cassette awnings in a class of its own.



A clever cover shell offers an elegant solution for concealing the fabric roller, making the system subtler when not in use. An adjustable bracket ensures that the front profile is always vertical. A special mechanism ensures reliable positive closing when the awning is retracted.

The plastic-coated double cables are designed for an extremely long service life meaning no soiling of the greased cables caused by exposure to the environment and arm profile and cables remaining the same colour,The extremely high spring tension of the hinged arms ensures a superbly taut sit of the fabric. No resting of the awning fabric on the arm joints. Hinged arm joints feature a pin made of high-grade steel.


The Millennium is durable, high quality awning that meets the highest demand;

- Fully closed cassette casting that is designed to be self-supporting

- Front profile with integral rain gutter 

Rust-free pins, Teflon-coated bearings, stainless steel screws

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